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Kick The Makeup + Start the Everyday Masking Challenge with SkinForum

Kick The Makeup + Start the Everyday Masking Challenge with SkinForum

Hey Loves, 

I'm not one to shy away from the fact that I wear makeup most of the time. I try to stay away from the full face coverage on the days that I'm lounging around just running errands but mostly, I have something on. You guys know my story, I was never really a makeup wearer until about 5 years ago and now, I couldn't picture myself without some mascara and lipstick. I noticed that in these last few years my skin has been struggling to stay clear. I find myself investing more and more into my skincare routine and less into the actual makeup I wear. 

This past week, I decided to take the EVERYDAY MASKING CHALLENGE. I collaborated with SkinForum to try out 5 Days of Masking. I was nervous because I told myself that I will NOT be wearing makeup on the days that I'm using the masks. If I was going to do this, I wanted to make sure that I was going to give my skin the 100% attention it needed.


Here is how the 5 Days were broken down:


{Day 1} Botanical Fuse Lavender: Soothe & Relieve. Packed with Lavender Oil, Chamomile, Aloe and Rosemary. 

{Day 2} Botanical Fuse Citrus: Revitalize & Glow. Squeezed with orange, lime and grapefruit extracts. 

{Day 3} Botanical Fuse Herb: Calm & Supple. Rosemary, Witch Hazel, Green Tea and Aloe to get rid of skin irritation and premature aging. *this mask was my favorite and I will be ordering more*

{Day 4} Botanical Fuse Charcoal: Detoxify & Hydrate. Dark and rich combination of activated charcoal and botanical ingredients will banish dry skin and strip off impurities. 

{Day 5} Oxygen Bubble: Purify & Brighten. Oxygen -infused wash off black charcoal bubble mask. 

Check out the one-minute video below to see the process. 

Photo Dec 28, 3 17 33 PM.png


This picture was taken on my Insta Story and I DID NOT use a FILTER. I truly feel like this is the best my skin has ever looked. I'm wearing a light to medium coverage foundation with some powder swept over my T-zone because I tend to get oily. Man oh man, did it feel good to see my skin looking bright and semi-clear. 

The 5 Days of Masking is exactly what my skin needed and I didn't eve

This is the easiest K- Beauty Routine EVER. Skin Forum has been selected "Best Korean Skincare" and I can see why. If you know anything about Korean Beauty, you know that they have the skincare market on lock. I can't WAIT to order MORE masks. 

You can check out SkinForum at TheSkinForum.com. Even though I decided not to wear makeup while using the Skin Forum Sheet Masks doesn't mean you have to. I had the week off from work and I thought it was the perfect time to give my skin a breather. It all just worked out that way. The Skin Forum sheet masks can be used every morning before starting your makeup routine or before bed. It's however you please.  

You can shop their website and use my coupon code THEFABJUNKIE15 to save 15% 

Until next time......


*Disclosure: products were provided by Skin Forum for testing out and ALL opinions are my own.*

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