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The Fab Junkie Life Update: Hi Everyone!

The Fab Junkie Life Update: Hi Everyone!

Hey Love Bugs,

Oh my gosh! I seriously can’t believe that my little baby boy is going to be here in less than 7 weeks! Sounds so crazy! I feel I could’ve done a better job at updating what’s been going (in life) on the blog. I have been dropping little life updates on Instagram on the daily. SO.......


Lets not dwell in the past though…. lets move on to what’s going on now. Maybe we can talk about the fact that the crib is still in the box? No, just kidding. Can’t talk about that because I may “kill” my fiancé. Oh yea, that’s right! I have a fiancé now! Like WTF is going on and who am I? Baby on the way AND a fiancé? WHAT???? Life is definitely different now. Different in an amazing way, of course!

So let’s put this altogether. Baby boy is almost here, Danny and I are now engaged AND the crib is still not together. That basically sums up life. I want to drop a few photos below that I’ve shared on Instagram over the past several weeks! 


Ok.... I’ll be back bay bays! 



Stepping Into Spring With Pink Blush

Stepping Into Spring With Pink Blush