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Boho Baby Shower on a Budget

Boho Baby Shower on a Budget

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I told you I will be back soon.

SO lets talk Baby Shower.

Can I tell you this has been the most stressful part (for me) when I became pregnant? Why you ask? I’m controlling AF and I needed to be the one to throw my own shower. I remembering getting text messages from relatives that said things like “are YOU seriously throwing your OWN shower?”. Of course, that was followed with some sort of comment about me having to supervise everything. I had to oversee every single detail AND you know what, I’m not ashamed to say it!

The first thing I did was log into Pinterest and created a (private) board and started pinning my life away. I knew I didn’t want a set theme as some showers. Meaning, I knew it wasn’t going to be “Winnie The Pooh” themed or anything specific. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just didn’t want it for mine. I wanted a boho-esque shower. Something that represented me as a person. SO that’s what I started to search and pin. Even though we’re having a boy, I also knew I didn’t want ANYTHING BLUE.

So lets start with the steps:

1) CREATE A PRIVATE PINTEREST BOARD: I specify “private” because you want to keep your ideas to yourself. Without any worries of other people looking at them! When pinning, you don’t only have to pin images as a whole. Maybe there’s something in a photo you like (like a birdcage filled with baby breaths flowers), PIN it.

2) PICK A VENUE: where you host your baby shower will make or break your budget. Since the title of this post is “Baby Shower on a Budget”, lets only talk about budget friendly options. I’m very fortunate to have my Mom’s backyard to host my shower. It honestly saved us $$$$$$$. If you don’t have that option, you can ask a friend to host it in their home (or host in yours) or an event friendly park.

2) PICK YOUR THEME/COLOR PALETTE: I picked a few colors that I knew would look good together and would be semi gender neutral. I may not have wanted gender specific colors at my shower BUT if pinks + blues are your thing,…. go with it!

3) Make a list (AN ACTUAL LIST PEOPLE) of everything you need down to what you’re wearing. Make it, revise it, make it again and stare at it. Section off your list to the “must haves” and the “maybes”. For example, our must haves were the cake, flowers, food, decorations and favors. I didn’t want to skimp in anyway on those things nor did I want to forget to get them. Which is now the perfect time to talk about our next thing…..

4) CREATE A BUDGET: before I get really into this, I want to be very specific when I say CREATE A REASONABLE BUDGET…

What are you willing to spend the dough on? What can you scrap? Being that Danny and I were funding our shower, we had to be EXTRA careful because we didn’t want to over spend in one department and regret it later (like the $100 we spent on the balloons I forgot to put out). Here’s an example on how our budget went

  • Cake: $200

  • Food: $150- $200

  • Favors: $50

  • Table/Chairs Rental: $200

  • Decor: $200-300 (including some items that were returnable or borrowed)

After you have everything in place and planned, reach out for some help. I didn’t right away because I honestly didn’t want to burden anyone with daunting tasks. Once again, I’m extremely fortunate to have amazing people in my life who helped! Sometimes having someone help with the tiniest detail can be life saving. Check out some photos from my shower.

The last bit of info I want to leave you with is some of the stores we shopped at. These stores (online + actual stores) have great return policies and beautiful decor to use!

  • TJ MAXX/ Marshall’s/ Home Goods

  • Micheal’s Craft Store

  • Target

  • Amazon (most of the garland we purchased from there)

  • Carters (for any type of baby clothes)

  • Costco (for entry sign)

  • Walgreens (prints/invites)

Below is a mixture of Cell phone photos from my guests and photos my cousin Cindy took.



I hope this post helps! Drop a comment if there’s any questions I left unanswered. 


Until next time........ 


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