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Oldie Junkie

Oldie Junkie

Hey Loves, 

What is it about items that live in this world longer than us that we love so much? Clothes, bags, cars, homes, furniture-the list can go on BUT seriously, what is it? These oldie items were once special to someone, which is pretty cool. I always say that objects hold energy. Wait, let me explain....I promise this will make sense.

So say you're dating someone and things are great. You love them and they love you blah blah blah. As a gift, they give you a gorgeous necklace that you never take off. That's great right? BUT then, the shit hits the fan and things go into a downward spiral. You're getting dressed for work one morning and you see THAT necklace. You automatically make that "yuck" sound. It doesn't remind you of all the good times you had but it reminds you of the awful times. So what do you do? You hide it in the back of your jewelry box until you just forget about it and never wear it again. But why? why keep that energy of that person who made you feel terrible around you? It will ALL lead up to one day, where the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you're getting dressed- searching for the perfect accessory and BAM! you see it. You see that awful necklace. Where does your mind go? Even if it's just for a minute, why spend that minute on something that isn't positive? The items that one time meant something to me always get donated. ALWAYS. If it's from an ex or from a friendship that ended, doesn't matter- it goes. When I donate these items I hope they can find a home where someone else will give it the love it needs and new energy.  

Does this all make sense?

So, what is it about those old time things that make some of our hearts flutter? I know for me, I think about that backstory. Kind of like that story I just rambled about above. I hope that these oldie things come from a place where it was loved. I'm also not saying that ever backstory is dramatic and serious. Some are just simple. Like the background in these photos.

This photo set is taken in the neighborhood I currently live in. The streets are so simple but I know there's a bigger story that lives here. I can almost picture it when I walk these streets. Check out the photos and what story do you think lives here?

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  • Top: TJ Maxx
  • Denim Jacket: H&M
  • Black Denim: American Eagle
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