February 8, 2016

Oldie But Goodie With Timberland

Hey Loves! 

While cleaning out my bedroom at my mother's house the other day, I found my "old" pair of Timberland boots. Funny thing is, I was thinking of purchasing a new pair. NYC has gotten a lot of snow in these past few weeks, so I convinced myself that they would be an investment and I would "love them long time". After striking gold (basically), I brought them home and that week it snowed. I bought these boots when I was 19. YES, 19. They've been stored in my room with all the other treasures (aka unopened boxes of shoes). I probably wore them twice and just forgot about them. When I was a teen, Timberlands were the "go to" boot. They were easy to style, comfortable and they functioned the way you needed them to. I went through many pairs in my youth and they were a winter staple for me. As I got older, the thought of them faded and since my style evolved, they no longer had a place in my heart. I know, sad right?

After deciding to wear them this past snow storm, I realized Timberland boots are an Oldie but Goodie. Fo'real. There are many ways to style a cute pair of Tims'. You can pair them with your favorite skinny jeans (like me), or leggings and a chunky sweater OR even the whole "I didn't want to get dressed so I tied a flannel around my waist look". The options are endless. 

Moving on.........

There was still so much snow on the ground when we went out to take photos. I wanted to stay warm and that was honestly my main focus. I kept my look simple and I layered!  I love to add chunky socks to my look- It gives it the girly touch that I was looking for. Check out my look!

Outfit Details: 
Coat: Kensie/ Sweater: Crossroads (thrifted)/ Denim: Forever 21/ Socks: TJ Maxx/ Scarf: Borrowed from the BF

This weather has been really cramping my style but at least I can put my Timberlands to use. The snow hasn't let up yet so stay tuned for more wintery style posts. Until next time............
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February 4, 2016

Hair or There

Hey Loves, 

I know we've discussed my whole hair transformation when I first had it done back in December. Having "Mermaid Hair" is like having a part time job. It's a lot of maintenance and a lot of work. I don't want to be repetitive with material BUT I have been asked plenty of questions about how I did it and what was used. So in today's post we will be discussing just that! When I wrote my post, "Going Back To My Roots" I really just wanted to share my thoughts on change and stepping outside the box. With this post, I want to share more of a how to and maybe a few tips hair or there (see what I did there?)

Moving On...........

So let's start with the basics. Before I even made my appointment with my hair stylist Liona, I spoke to her about it a few times. I trust my stylist with all my heart so I knew she would be straight up with me. {Pro Tip: Go in with a few pictures- something your stylist can draw from.} She made sure to let me know that bleach would be involved. I have such a terrible fear of bleach. BUT if I wanted purple hair, it needed to be done. My hair was all my natural color (pretty much virgin), which is always a plus. When dying your hair, you have to know that color doesn't lift color. Meaning, if my hair was already dyed, my (fake) hair color would have to be lifted with bleach then treated AND then dyed over. That's a lot of stress for your hair. Stress = Hair Damage. No one wants to deal with that. Pro Tip: Find a hair stylist that has done this process before. I know that sounds pretty basic, but not all hair stylists can do EVERYTHING. Go to someone who comes highly recommended. If you can't find a stylist that way, make sure you look at their portfolio and feel comfortable that they will do what is right for your hair. Not what is right for their bank account. 

My stylist treated my hair as if she was doing highlights. Basically weaving in and out of my hair- keeping some of my natural color in. I wanted to keep my darker roots so it looked blended but that was my preference. After sitting with the bleach in my hair for about 20 minutes, my hair was lightened. Let me tell you, 20 minutes is nothing! I was so happy and so was my stylist. After throughly rinsing the bleach out, I then picked out this beautiful purple. It was in between a lighter purple and darker purple. I didn't want the lighter more lilac color because the color would fade extremely fast. I also didn't want the deeper shade of purple because it would only really show in the sunlight. Joico's Semi-Permanent in "Orchid" was the winning choice. So in love with this hair color brand. It leaves my hair feeling soft and conditioned after being applied. There isn't a lot of color bleeding-meaning when I wash my hair, I don't have purple all over my towel. 

After color care if VERY important also. Conditioning hair and using a leave in conditioner should be added to your hair routine. The color will fade after every wash, so keep hair washing to a limit. I know you just read that and went "yuck"- what I mean is, washing your hair every 2-3 days will keep your color lasting longer. Pro Tip: Dry Shampoo will help with keeping your hair looking fresh in between washes. Using heat protectors when styling your hair is a MUST also. Protecting your freshly dyed hair at all costs basically. 

Ok, so I feel like I pretty much rambled on for long enough about this. With that being said, I hope I helped with any new hair journeys. Until next time......

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January 26, 2016

Feeling New

Hey Loves!

I'm so thrilled to share my latest update to TFBJ! As you may notice, some things have changed. ONE big/major change is The Fashion Beauty Junkie is now The Fab Junkie! It has been a longtime coming, trust me when I say that. I love what my baby blog has grown into and every step I took with it, has been amazing. With my site turning 5 years old (this January), it not only needed a facelift but it was time to give it the name it was meant to have. When I first started blogging, I wanted to create content that was relatable to any age. I also needed a name that represented what I wanted to write about. The Fashion Beauty Junkie came to me overnight and it stuck. For those of you who follow me on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat- you can see that my user name for all those sites is ThFabJunkie (minus the E). After long thought and sleepless nights (just kidding) I decided that when TFBJ turned 5, it would be the right time for change! The Fab Junkie is still "The Fashion and Beauty Junkie"- it's just shorten. Get it? 

It feels great to take another step towards my goals. I'm a little behind on the whole "goals" talk (you know because of the New Year and all) but one of my goals in life is to constantly evolve as a person. Furthermore, while I progress- so will my website. Change is fun... so I hear. 

Check out my first style post of 2016! We did this shoot in the train station. The lightening was perfect. 

Outfit Details:
Coat: Kensie/ Boots: Target/ Jeans: American Eagle/ Bag: Rainbow Stores/ Socks: Hue

So many "Thank you's" (yea, I said you's) are due so let me start by saying- Thank you for sticking by me. Thank you for all the sweet comments and emails. Thanks to Chloe for my FAB blog design! (You can find her here.) Thank you to the bf who spends A LOT of time shooting my images. Actually big thank you to anyone who has EVER shot images for me. TFBJ wouldn't be so pretty without you. Alright, I'm DONE! Until next time....
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January 9, 2016

That 70's Show: Fashion FOMO

Hey Loves! 

Have you ever experienced FOMO? FOMO meaning: The Fear Of Missing Out? Let's paint a quick picture. Shall we? Everyone from work is going out for drinks but you made plans with your brother. You know you can't cancel on him because he's depending on you to be there. You figure- you'll just go for one drink with your coworkers. You can still make it back to hang out with your bro because, I mean... you don't want to be the ONLY one from your office NOT at Happy Hour. It just makes sense in your head. You have to do it because if you don't (once again) you'll  be the ONLY one in this world NOT at happy hour. Get it? In saying that, I just experienced my first ever "Fashion FOMO". I had an abnormal fear of missing out of the whole 70's trend. So I had to try it.

Moving on...............

You guys know, I'm a big advocator of "don't knock it until you try it". I convinced myself that I'm too petite to wear flared denim or any type of bell bottom like pants. They'll just make me look shorter. I tend to troll Pinterest  for hours sometimes. I kept coming across super cute outfits showing off flared/bell bottom styles. Still, I didn't run out and buy them. I wasn't fully convinced. While shopping at TJ MAXX, I came across a pair for 12 bucks. They had some rips (which I'm obsessed with) and they were high waisted. Basically all the signs pointed to them. TJ MAXX has a great return/exchange policy, so I grabbed them. After trying them on at home, they were a keeper! I paired my new favorite style of denim with a open front cape and my old pair of Lita's ( I knew I held onto these shoes for a reason).

December 22, 2015

Back To Basics: Why I Choose To Get Botox in my 30's

Hey Loves, 

Today's topic is a bit controversial and something I have never discussed. We'll be talking about the B word. BOTOX, that is. I've always considered trying Botox but honestly, I never had a few hundred bucks laying around to justify the purchase. I mean, it can get pricey. A few months back, I was invited to an event for Refined Aesthetics. After reading the email, I was ready to go. I don't get to attend many "blogger events" as often anymore because between work and real life, it becomes a little too much. I knew this event was a must! What really drew me to the Refined Aesthetics event wasn't just the free botox aspect but I was more intrigued with their services. 
Here's a little back story on Refined Aesthetics: Refined Aesthetics is a new luxury concierge service which offers cosmetic injections for patients in the comfort of their own home or office. How cool right? Dr. Daniel Ahoubim who is a board certified Neurologist, developed the concept for Refined Aesthetics. This past November, patients (in NYC) will be able to receive aesthetic injections and other services such as dermal fillers, IV Infusions, B12 injections in the privacy of their own home! 

December 20, 2015

Top 50 Beauty Blogs {Infographic}

Hey Loves, 

I was contacted a few days back and told that The Fashion Beauty Junkie was going to be included in this fun Infographic of Top 50 Beauty Beauty Blogs! For those of you who don't know, an Infographic is a a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data (thanks google). I wanted to share all the other blogs that were included! Check out number 39, you may recognize the logo!

Top 50 Beauty blogs Source:rebateszone.com
There's more to come this week, so stay tuned! Until next time........

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December 14, 2015

Going Back To My Roots: Why I Decided On Mermaid Hair

Hey Loves! 

New hair, same me! 

Mermaid hair has been all the rage for a few years now. I've tested the mermaid waters awhile back but have stayed in the safe zone (as far as my hair color) these past few years. As you can see, this post is called "Going Back To My Roots" because I believe the color purple is my natural hair color. I know you may be reading this making a face and saying "what the heck is this girl trying to say? Purple isn't a natural hair color for a human." and obviously I'm not a unicorn (which sometimes I wish I was). What I'm trying to say is my spirit color (like a spirit animal) is purple. Yea, I'm in my 30's and yea, I'm a professional BUT it doesn't mean I can't have fun!