August 23, 2016

Waffles & Whiskey

Hey Loves,

Today's post is a wee bit different. I'm sharing a post that was written by the lovely folks behind Population Now. I've collaborated with Pop Now a few times already and their tees and tanks just get better. Check out a preview of their post (below) and don't forget to click the link below to see more of the posts and shop their goodies. They always have such nice things to say about me and my style and I love them for it. 

Do you ever get lost in the clouds? On a day when the sun is shining, the day is bright, and the breeze is lightly twirling through your hair. You can’t help but look up toward something. What it is you don’t know. You just know that if you look up, what you are looking for will be there. From then you get lost in your thoughts, moving from one to the next. Dreaming about what life could really be like if it were your way. What would it be like if you had that job, or that apartment, or could jump off that cloud that looks like a slide, or an elephant. Wherever your mind takes you, sometimes it is freeing to lay on the grass, look up, and daydream about the goals you have, the success you want, and the things that make you happy..... Click here to see the rest of the post 

Don't forget to read the rest of the post on Pop Now's blog. Until next time........
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July 26, 2016

5 Things To Do In Miami When You're In Your 30's {Photo Diary}

Hey Loves! 

There's no shame in my 30+ game. I mean, it's no secret. I'm far from a spring chicken but just because (to some) I'm one foot in the grave doesn't mean I don't know how to enjoy life. With that being said- I planned a trip with my friend to South Beach, Miami this past July. Initially, I was like "this is AWESOME! We're going to party!". BUT I quickly realized that's not what I wanted to do when I was there. Trust me, I'm always down for a good party night but I actually wanted to see the sights, enjoy the weather and bond with my bestie. The recovery time for a hangover at my age is killer btw. 

So here are 5 things you can do in Miami alone or with your friends. Trust me, it's fun to be a boring adult. Just kidding, I'm far from boring. Check out my list! 

1) EAT: There are a bazillion places to eat when you're in South Beach. Ocean Drive has some of the best eats on the beach. We ventured out a bit and took a stroll down Espanola Way by total accident. It ended up being our "go to" for dinner. We dined at a few of their best spots like Havana 1957 and Pane & Vino. There's so many great places that you can't go wrong.

2) SHOP: Like every beachy town, they have local shops where you can buy a $60 bathing suit with MIAMI written across your boobs. When you get pass the local shops and pick up the keychains you promised your friends, you can trek down Lincoln Road where all the shopping happens. OR you can settle for even closer spots on Collins Avenue where the infamous DASH store is. 

3) BEACH IT: I'm not one to lay in sand and bask in the sun. To be honest, I actually hate it. BUT I didn't want to be a buzz kill because my friend Anita loves the beach. We went a few times but spent most of the time at our hotel's pool which is great alternative. Most hotels will even bring you drinks poolside! 

4) ART DECO TOUR:This was an unexpected treat. South Beach is known for their Art Deco which line their palm tree filled streets. The buildings are beautiful. The tour's first stop is the well known Versace Mansion. It's only a couple of hours out of your day and that's with stopping for water breaks. 

5) WYNWOOD:Wynwood, Miami is known for their graffiti art culture. Only 30 minutes from South Beach it was a must see for me. We didn't get to fully experience the greatness that was Wynwood because we got there before most restaurants opened. We did get to take a walk through Wynwood Walls and had a refreshing drink at Mister Block Coffee.  


It was such a fun trip. Relaxing and filled with food. Not kidding, I think I spent ALL my money on food. Check out my little Miami Photo Diary! Things I ate, wore and saw! 

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July 13, 2016

Pretzel Time

Hey Loves, 

Summer is in full swing and shoulders are being shown. My favorite type of summer weather is the one where my skin doesn't sweat off my face. The last few days in NYC, have been close to that. What do you even wear in that type of weather? In all my years of living and wearing clothes, I still can't figure out what to wear during a heat wave. The reason (I will just name one but there's plenty) why I love the easy breezy summer weather is because you can combine fun summer pieces. You can pull off hat, a flowy off the shoulder top or ::gasp:: denim. Summer is also a fun time to add pieces to your wardrobe that you wouldn't necessarily do in other seasons. LIKE my new pretzel bag!

Guys, you don't even understand. I stalked this bag on every site it was being sold on. It was a little out of my price range for the size and functionality of it. On one glorious day, it went on sale and I snatched it up without hesitation. I mean, I did give my boyfriend a list of reasons why I needed it- but that was just my way to calm him on the fact another purse was coming through the door.

Check out how I pulled my easy breezy summer look and new statement piece together! 

Hat & Top: Target/ Shorts: DIY cutoffs/ Sandals: Target/ Bag: Betsey Johnson/ Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot

Summer time is the perfect time to let go and be daring. I know, coming from the girl with all the tattoos and purple hair may seem a little predictable BUT I mean it. Add something new to your wardrobe this season. You never know, you may fall in love with it and it may be your most complimented piece. Until next.......
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July 8, 2016

Cu-Lotta Fun

Hey Loves! 

Geez, I love denim. Not only do I love it but I want to buy all "on trend" pieces in it. With that being said, I found thee PERFECT pair of Denim Culottes at Target. They're the most softest pair of pants I own. Culottes are definitely a summer staple. You can take them from day to night in a matter of minutes. Especially with denim! Culottes can be very versatile and obviously we need more pieces like that in our closets. I paired them with a basic striped tank and some platform heels. I added a pop of color with the red bandana. You can check out my 5 Easy Ways to Style a Bandana post if you like what you see here. 

Moving on....

I wore this look to the grocery store by total accident. I never mean to get "dressed up" when I run around doing errands but it happened. Coincidentally two females stopped me to compliment my look. It made my day for two reasons: 1) They didn't think I was a crazy person walking around in heels at the grocery store and 2) They weren't afraid to compliment another female. Just the way we need more versatile pieces in our closets, we need more females complimenting other females. Nothing beats a genuine compliment coming from another woman. 

Culottes: Target/ Shoes & Tank: TJ MAXX/ Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot/ Bandana: Michaels Craft

I'm leaving for a mini-getaway in two weeks and these babies will be in my carry-on. Target does it again with their affordable finds! Until next time......
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June 19, 2016

Beacon Style

Hey Loves! 

A few weekends ago, the boyfriend (Danny) and I took a drive up to Beacon, NY. We've been there a few times and always love taking a day trip up there. The town of Beacon reminds me of those old towns you see in movies. Quaint little shops and cute streets. It was so extremely hot that day so I decided to wear the lightest colors in my closet. Blush and white, obviously. I love this combo! It's so girly. Finally sporting an off the shoulder blouse, as you can see too. It's been hanging in my closet for awhile now- well technically it hasn't been "hanging" at all. Have you tried hanging an off the shoulder blouse? Its so annoying- they constantly slip off. Anyhow, that has nothing to do with anything. 

Moving on.........

We spent the day walking up and down Main St. I stopped at my favorite Thrift Shop, we grabbed coffee and checked out the sights. It was "hard" picking which street to shoot on because they're all so pretty. Check out my look! 

Top & Sandals: Target/ Jeans: Old Navy/ Necklace: Express

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June 6, 2016

Denim Made Me Do It

Hey Loves! 

I feel great accomplishment when I find a gem at a Thrift Shop and customize it to fit my personality. Goodwill has been my "go to" lately for shopping. Cheap finds and recycled fashion. When I say "recycled fashion", I mean that it's easier to find a dated piece at goodwill. A dated piece that has come FULL circle. Denim has always been a big craze in fashion. It never goes out of style and there's so many ways to wear it. Let me tell you, there are racks on racks of DENIM at thrift shops. A few pieces that I'm wearing in this post was found at my local Goodwill. The shoes, the shirt and the denim jacket. 
So let's focus on the denim jacket- I actually found this jacket in the fall if I remember correctly. It was perfect the way I found it. I started to see all these trendy shredded jackets showing up. Some of them are selling for hundreds of dollars. Now you know, I'm NOT about that. So... I took to shredding this denim jacket which I think I spent a total of $9 on. Check out my look! 

A few days ago, I added a few more rips around the sleeves. I felt like it needed more. What's great about making something "your own" is that you set the limits! I'm currently working on a DIY video/post on "How To Shred Denim" because it's super easy and fun to do. So stay tuned for that! Until next time...........
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