September 26, 2016

Beauty Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Hey Loves, 

When life gives you Sephora gift cards, you must shop. No but for real, shout out to all my friends who hooked me up with gift cards for my birthday. You guys rock. Moving on.... I haven't really purchased any new high-end makeup in a while. Minus my beauty "ride or dies" that are always in full rotation. When I first started blogging, I ran out and bought everything- I mean EVERYTHING that was on trend. Anything that was mentioned in popular youtube videos or blogs, I purchased it. I then realized that if I wanted to eat, I couldn't do that. So needless to say, I've slowed down and basically pumped my brakes on buying high-end makeup. 

Just like any beauty lover, I'm lucky enough to have friends that recognize my addiction to makeup and support it. I mean, what better addiction is there in this world? The answer is nothing my friends. Nothing. When I round up my Sephora gift cards, I normally get my necessities (moisturizers and such). This time, I decided to say "screw it! I'm getting lipsticks!". There has been a few on my mind that I've been eyeing up to review. The first one on that long list is the social media reigning queen, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

So here it is guys, my 100% honest review.

I picked out the color "Craft" because I thought it was the perfect transitioning fall color. The first day I wore it to work, I received so many compliments. The color is gorgeous. The lasting power on this liquid lipstick is pretty impressive also. I didn't have to reapply till about 3 and 1/2 hours into my day- and that was after my morning latte, breakfast and some water here and there. The line around my lips stayed pretty intact and was extremely hard to remove. Overall for color and staying power I give this product an 8. My only real issue was that the formula dried out my lips to the point that I felt it was sucking out all the moisture in my body. No joke. My lips felt dry like that through-out the day. I give the formula a 2- I know, I feel terrible saying that but I have to be honest.

I LOVE trying out new beauty products and it's fun to see how I feel about things that others rave about or even hate on. Hopefully you liked my review! Until next time.........
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September 24, 2016

So Damn Magical

Hey Loves!

Thrifting ain’t easy. Just kidding, it’s not hard at all. I consider myself a master of thrift. I love walking around my favorite Goodwill store and scanning for gems.  I was lucky to find a MAJOR deal when I was hanging out at the Goodwill Store on 14th street awhile back. I wasn’t expecting to grab anything but I found the cutest pair of sneakers and they were the perfect price. What’s the perfect price you ask? Anything under $10. When you find a deal for under 10 bucks, how do you talk yourself out of it? I sure as heck can’t talk my brain out of it. I found the sneakers and yes they were a little worn in and yea they had a few marks on them but boy oh boy was I in love with deal. That’s what’s so great about thrift stores, you can’t go wrong with the prices. 

It was the middle of August so I knew I would get a few summer days out of them. What I love about the sneakers is they are the perfect shade of pink. This week is calling for the end of summer, I know, super sad- But what better way to say bye then wearing my favorite pair of cut-offs and the perfect pair of $6 sneaks? SO before I take my first sip of those infamous pumpkin spice lattes, I want to enjoy the closing of those sweet summer days with my favorite thing, denim cut-offs and sneakers. These sneakers are really easy to style and comfy. Check out my look. 

You can also find this post and more on Goodwill's blog! Until next time.........
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September 18, 2016

Overall, I'm Happy

Hey Loves!

Overall, I'm happy (see what I did there?). No but for real, I am. Don't worry there's a point to all of this. This past year has been a struggle for me and my weight. You wouldn't believe this but I was a size 0 in high school and most of my adult life. At one point in my life I was in a terrible relationship and gained a lot of weight. After ending that relationship many years ago, I took hold of my life and started my weight loss journey. I was extremely successful with it and ended up back to my size 0. In all honesty, I was too thin at that point- But regardless, I reached my goal of a healthy lifestyle. After a few years of being single and skinny (and young), I met my now boyfriend Danny. The first few years of our relationship was a crazy sexy cool roller coaster ride (sorry for the TLC reference but if you got it, lets be besties, ok?). We hung out at bars, ate pizza bagels and stayed up until all hours of the night. It was the best time ever. Needless to say, it took a toll on my body. Still elated in love, it didn't bother me that I put on few pounds here and there. I had a man who loved me and no matter how much weight I put on, he still kept me feeling beautiful and confident. 

Let's skip a few years forward, shall we?. I noticed that my clothes started to fit me, um how can I say... not right. I went up about two sizes and it was noticeable. Especially when I started blogging. I always looked at my style photos and thought "hmm... I look a bit thick but eh, whatever". It was hard adjusting. With weight loss and even weight gain, no one in this world can tell you to do something about it, it has to be you. You have to come to the realization to know that there needs to be a change. Also, it doesn't matter what size you are either. If you feel uncomfortable with your weight it's ok to make a decision to change that feeling. Don't let anyone tell you "you're fine." or "you're already skinny". You know you're body better than anyone. 

Moving on.......

This past year is when I buckled down and started to make changes in my diet and even in my physical activity (I despise exercise). It's been a long process for me but like I said in the beginning, overall I'm happy. We're our toughest critics. We're surrounded by such beautiful men and woman so often that instead of appreciating the beauty, we compare ourselves. I fall victim to this all the time. I blog. I show my style and beauty everyday of my life. It's terribly hard not to think "she's so much skinnier than me or her skin is so much better than mine. Guys, this attitude has to stop. I know it's easier said than done but the point of this post today was to show that we all go through those feelings and we're all on a journey to better ourselves. 

In the past, I would only post pictures that complimented my body. No "fat angles" as I would refer to it in my head BUT this post I let it all hang out. There are a few pictures in this post that I would NEVER EVER post but today I'm giving myself a break. Life is too wonderful to have things like my body be an issue in my mind. Here goes nothing.....

Side note: "overall, I'm happy" is a reference to my overalls. In case it flew by your head. 

I know this was a long one but thanks for sticking with it. I will forever work on myself to make myself feel good about where I'm at in life or this case, how I look. If you don't love yourself, who will? Until next time.......
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September 14, 2016

Buffalo Solider {Photo Diary}

Hey Loves! 

I think it's about time I share our trip to Buffalo. My brother and sis-in-law moved out to Buffalo about a year ago. I haven't been up, so Danny and I thought it was a good idea to take a road trip. I mean, we have been aching to escape the city life for awhile now. Sometimes all the hustle and bustle makes you lose sight of all the fab things around you. It's nice to slow down every once in awhile. We drove up with the two pups (they're not puppies anymore but I still see them that way). It was super cute to see the dogs experience the "country life". It was actually hilarious. My dog Ellie loved it but his dog Achilles wanted to get on a plane and come back to the city. Well at least that's the vibe he gave us. 

We made a few stops here and there and 6 hours later, we arrived. In all honesty, I felt an instant connection- the moment I stepped out of the car I thought "wow, I could totally do this". I always consider myself a glorified "city girl" BUT Buffalo made the country life very appealing. I put together a little photo diary from our trip. My bro and sis-in-law took us to all the cool joints. We hiked the Eternal Flame Trail (which I thought I was going to die), took a walk through Canalside, hung out in Elmwood Village, saw the beauty that is Niagara Falls and did A LOT of thrift shopping (you know I LOVE to thrift). Oh and we ate Buffalo Wings, like actual buffalo wings. Well not actual buffalo but we ate at the original spot where buffalo wings were created! Cool right? Unfortunately the buffalo wings experience was NOT documented. 

Check out my photo diary! 

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August 23, 2016

Waffles & Whiskey

Hey Loves,

Today's post is a wee bit different. I'm sharing a post that was written by the lovely folks behind Population Now. I've collaborated with Pop Now a few times already and their tees and tanks just get better. Check out a preview of their post (below) and don't forget to click the link below to see more of the posts and shop their goodies. They always have such nice things to say about me and my style and I love them for it. 

Do you ever get lost in the clouds? On a day when the sun is shining, the day is bright, and the breeze is lightly twirling through your hair. You can’t help but look up toward something. What it is you don’t know. You just know that if you look up, what you are looking for will be there. From then you get lost in your thoughts, moving from one to the next. Dreaming about what life could really be like if it were your way. What would it be like if you had that job, or that apartment, or could jump off that cloud that looks like a slide, or an elephant. Wherever your mind takes you, sometimes it is freeing to lay on the grass, look up, and daydream about the goals you have, the success you want, and the things that make you happy..... Click here to see the rest of the post 

Don't forget to read the rest of the post on Pop Now's blog. Until next time........
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July 26, 2016

5 Things To Do In Miami When You're In Your 30's {Photo Diary}

Hey Loves! 

There's no shame in my 30+ game. I mean, it's no secret. I'm far from a spring chicken but just because (to some) I'm one foot in the grave doesn't mean I don't know how to enjoy life. With that being said- I planned a trip with my friend to South Beach, Miami this past July. Initially, I was like "this is AWESOME! We're going to party!". BUT I quickly realized that's not what I wanted to do when I was there. Trust me, I'm always down for a good party night but I actually wanted to see the sights, enjoy the weather and bond with my bestie. The recovery time for a hangover at my age is killer btw. 

So here are 5 things you can do in Miami alone or with your friends. Trust me, it's fun to be a boring adult. Just kidding, I'm far from boring. Check out my list! 

1) EAT: There are a bazillion places to eat when you're in South Beach. Ocean Drive has some of the best eats on the beach. We ventured out a bit and took a stroll down Espanola Way by total accident. It ended up being our "go to" for dinner. We dined at a few of their best spots like Havana 1957 and Pane & Vino. There's so many great places that you can't go wrong.

2) SHOP: Like every beachy town, they have local shops where you can buy a $60 bathing suit with MIAMI written across your boobs. When you get pass the local shops and pick up the keychains you promised your friends, you can trek down Lincoln Road where all the shopping happens. OR you can settle for even closer spots on Collins Avenue where the infamous DASH store is. 

3) BEACH IT: I'm not one to lay in sand and bask in the sun. To be honest, I actually hate it. BUT I didn't want to be a buzz kill because my friend Anita loves the beach. We went a few times but spent most of the time at our hotel's pool which is great alternative. Most hotels will even bring you drinks poolside! 

4) ART DECO TOUR:This was an unexpected treat. South Beach is known for their Art Deco which line their palm tree filled streets. The buildings are beautiful. The tour's first stop is the well known Versace Mansion. It's only a couple of hours out of your day and that's with stopping for water breaks. 

5) WYNWOOD:Wynwood, Miami is known for their graffiti art culture. Only 30 minutes from South Beach it was a must see for me. We didn't get to fully experience the greatness that was Wynwood because we got there before most restaurants opened. We did get to take a walk through Wynwood Walls and had a refreshing drink at Mister Block Coffee.  


It was such a fun trip. Relaxing and filled with food. Not kidding, I think I spent ALL my money on food. Check out my little Miami Photo Diary! Things I ate, wore and saw! 

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